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a new dawn, part 2

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

A local record of sorts was achieved early this morning off La Jolla by a 25 foot panga carrying 22 illegals. 1 person per 1.1 linear foot of boat, beating the previous record of 1.7 (see Nov. 5 entry).

“The 25-foot boat had been spotted farther up the coast near Leucadia by a U.S. Coast Guard cutter. A Blackhawk helicopter and a Midnight Express Interceptor vessel were dispatched to help track down the skiff-like boat, known as a panga.

The boat’s driver was arrested as a suspected smuggler. The other people – 20 men and one woman, all of them Mexican citizens – were turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol.” (L.A. Times 09/12/03)

Not a nav light in sight – be careful out there after dark, lobster poaching. All the remote controlled narco-subs floating about without lights reportedly don’t carry even the basic insurance required by law.



. . .

It was only this morning I found this in the bathroom instead of the comfy toilet I perch on to peruse the paper. First I’m, like, must be one of those new waterless jobs, even the harbor is going green. But then I’m all, no way, what’s with the ladder? ¿Hola, alguien ahí? Couldn’t remember how to say “pass the merchandise,” or “incoming!”, so I just moved to the next stall.