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neptune’s wrath

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Better to sneak in during the day, when the harbor patrol is more likely to be in the harbor. Beach landings are so panga.

Smooth Operator II (Navigator 56), beached just south of the Oceanside Harbor entrance South Jetty, Feb. 8th & 9th, 2010.

The June 13th, 2009 ketch grounding happened in the exact same spot, due to the skipper’s misreading of lights. The boat was tossed from side to side all night – more dramatically than the short video shows – but the boat was refloated with the tide.

February 11th update:

Oceanside Harbor – a social anthropologist’s wet dream.

A local slip brokerage took little time to scrub their website of all traces of the accused skipper’s existence. He had already become the subject of  celebrity-worthy vitriol, anonymous mob justice laden with class warfare undertones, on the local internets. It’s just a boat, harbortards* and panganistas**! (*Harbortard is an trademark. **Panganista is a sour male owner of a small boat, who knows he will never have a big one.)