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vandalist double whammy harbor attack

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

The notoriously sneaky Banksy managed to brand many of the previously unobtrusive transformer enclosures with his signature vandalist treatment, under the watchful eye of the Harbor Police Department, Oceanside Police Department, Volunteer Force on the water and on land (yay, free fuel! let’s quietly float up to open boats and spy some mid-morning criminal activity! unless the sky is grey), 100 liveaboards, and countless sneakaboards, in broad daylight, unnoticed, unchallenged, unrecognized. Still reeling from the attack, Oceanside Harbor fell victim to his kin yet again, in the hands of fellow vandalist Christo, who managed to wrap a number of local vessel shelters, many with residents aboard, unable to defend their territory lest they be discovered by the Sneakaboard Police.

No way in hell to miss this one now! (Caution! Not for the seizure prone.)

Oh no, that boring grey box could be so pretty!?

Danger. High voltage art. Tickle my senses, but not too much.

Missed opportunity, or vandalist abstraction?

Hey hey hey hey hey! Whatcha tryinna pull there, pardner?

In your face, heathens!

Banksy, pensive.

Wrap it up, Christo! Some don’t take kindly to your kind in Oceanside Harbor!

Exquisite detailing betrays the giant’s work. Delight to behold from every angle.

Work in progress, or life imitating art?

Nice try, Wyland. Wrong time, wrong town. Punk it up or perish!

Double whammy twofer view! Wham bam my oh my! It’s free!

It’s a wrap. Christ-O at rest.