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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

poll: oceanside harbor fishing pier removal

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

a) Remove pier → save money! (Maintenance, law enforcement.)

b) Remove pier → add slips → profit! (Permanent dock, visitor anchorage, mooring string line.)

c) Keep pier → add vending kiosk with seating (ban “fishing”) → profit!

d) Any of the above sound great. Bring it on!

e) None of the above, but I have a better idea. (List one.)

f) I live in a van, and boaters must provide free amenities for me. If they can’t afford it, then slip fees are not high enough. Stop scaring away rich people with your ridiculously low rent!

g) I live in a van with my two kids, but I don’t loiter fish by the pier. I just like to plug in my coffee maker by the Coke machine.

h) I live in a pickup truck, and agree with the first van guy. When one of us scores a shower key for an ounce, it’s like Christmas for the entire colony.

i) I live in a station wagon, and support the guy in the pickup truck.

j) I live in a passenger car, and the woman with the poodle poodles in the station wagon is right.

k) I’m on a bicycle and live out of my back pack, and can’t compete with the pier denizens. Take them it down!

l) I’m on foot and live out of a trash bag, and I couldn’t care less about no stinkin pier. I just wanna say thanks for drinking so much beer and leaving the cans in them “recycle bins.”

m) I live in a house and I enjoy the free dumpsters for my toxic waste and large items, pier or no pier.

n) I’m a contractor and ditto.

o) I live in a trailer park so I feel right at home, taking in the free sights and the odd hop to a free loo. Peer?

p) I live on base and street-jog through the harbor.  I speed up by the pier a little.

q) I get bused in from a retirement home and I don’t remember you kids having a pier.

r) I get bused in from a group home for the disabled and I enjoy the free grass and benches. They don’t allow us anywhere near the pier so I don’t have an opinion. Want a hug?

s) I come with my painting class and we just paint your boats, not the pier.

t) I’m a romantic and enjoy a picnic on the grass by the boats. What? How many dogs? Ewww!

u) I live on my boat, but don’t tell anybody.

v) I’m a liveaboard and I’m telling.

w) I’m a tourist and what is this?

x) I’m a council member and I have no idea. (My sponsors slip in private marinas.)

y) I’m a harbor master and let me step in.

z) I’m a boater and I’m outta here!