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we know who you are. we know where you are.

Friday, July 8th, 2011


The trio of men in fine pressed uniforms came at dawn. Knocking on the hull with three sharp raps. He opened the hatch. He had no other choice. “You know why we’re here,” said the lead man. “I know,” said the man softly. “Can I please? One last time?” The man nodded in agreement and stepped into the open cockpit. The others surrounded the boat as he slowly lay down on the cushions. He took a breath and as the cushion gave, the man pulled his gun from its holster. The shot rang out across the harbor, but no one came outside to look. They knew what they would see. Blood and seawater ran together as he collapsed by the nav station. The two men who never spoke doused him and his boat in gasoline as the lead man lit a single match.

(Apologies to Ray Bradbury. Oh, never mind.)