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slip fees rolled back to $8/ft

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Not even a year after voting to increase slip fees by $3/ft, Feller Felien Kern voted not only to abandon the increase, but to roll it back to $8/ft for 17 boat owners. (They were for it before they were against it.)

We suspect it’s no accident, because at last year’s vote it would have been difficult to argue for a rate increase and decrease at the same time. It’s all a matter of timing and cherry picking data to support the goal at hand.

According to Mr. Quan’s report, the roll back will cost $25k/year. This translates to an average $123 monthly subsidy for each of the 17 boat owners. We propose that if $123 makes or breaks a business – the apparent justification for the vote – more handouts will be needed soon. Stocking the ocean with more free fish could be a start.

In his presentation to the city council, Quan said that some commercial fishermen go to San Pedro in the winter because it is cheaper, yet San Pedro slip rates are conspicuously absent from his fee comparison table. Apparently they do not go to San Diego and Dana Point, the two harbors he did include to build his argument for lowering fees. There is a waiting list for commercial slips in Oceanside, and it does not appear the fishermen give them up while in San Pedro, thereby paying two slip fees. It does not make sense, especially so soon after significantly raising fees, unless an element of incompetence or mystery is involved, neither of which would be a surprise, in the City of Oceanside.