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Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Sec. 29A.16.  Types of watercraft prohibited in channel and harbor entrance.

(a) No person shall use any paddleboard, pedalo, surf sailer, waterskis, aquaplane, boogie board, wind surfer, surfboard or similar type of watercraft in the harbor, including the entrance or main channel of the harbor.

We just kid you, folks! Rules are for the other people. We’ve had a Turkish bath right on the dock for years. And then there’s this:

tsunami awareness

Monday, November 4th, 2013

What’s the shortest route to 100 fathoms, the depth NOAA  says is safe in a tsunami?

Our extensive research indicates a bearing of  about 212° true  from the mouth of Oceanside Harbor will get you there in just over 3 nautical miles (NMi). Add the distance from the dark corners of the harbor and the whole trip can be almost 4 NMi. That’s up to 45 minutes in a sailboat. Just remember to head for the Manhattan area code (212) once outside the breakwater.

Since there’s no harbormaster minding the harbor (coordination by an ex-maintenance supervisor demonstrably doesn’t qualify), we gathered a few resources:

tsunami warning center NOAA (map)

tsunami warning center NOAA (text)

boaters’ tsunami pamphlet (pdf)

landlubbers’ tsunami pamphlet (pdf)

inundation map

inundation map