hurricane marie flushes out oside harbor resident

When “John” (real name James) moved into his waterside residence in Oceanside Harbor, he was thrilled. Unlimited ocean breezes, free rent, nearby bathroom scrubbed twice a day, and apart from the occasional clouds of dust and loud noises invading from Camp Pendleton, the military base just across the fence, life was good.

Except now John is really angry no one had warned him about the dangers of living in a flood zone. It was a dark and stormy night when Hurricane Marie let herself into his bedroom. At first he just enjoyed her as another wet dream. He’s grown accustomed to those in his Oside Paradise. Who could blame him. But as more waves broke into his bedroom, he barely had time to save his own soul. All possessions had to be left behind for the ocean to claim. With a higher jetty, or posted signs, the City could have prevented this tragedy, and an impending lawsuit.

Luckily for John, the recently installed aid dispensers (a.k.a. Rapid Donation Kiosks – thank you Sea Star Sportfishing!) are refilled several times a day by generous boating merrymakers, who leave scraps behind for the boatless. The lazy and the drunk just drop them nearby.


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